Welcome to ERESS 2015

May 27, 2015

Dear ERESS 2015 Participants,

At long last the meeting is here! We hope that your travel has been going smoothly as you arrive in State College.

Here are last minute details for the start of things tomorrow:

Check-in will start at 7:45 and opening talks will start at 8:30. Please arrive early to pick up your individualized registration packet, including your name tag and lunch tickets (if purchased in advance).

The full schedule and abstracts can be found at http://eres-symposium.org/schedule.

The meeting room in the Nittany Lion Inn is Ballroom D&E. For those who purchased lunches, there will be a lunch buffet in the Nittany Lion dining room.

Poster presenters may put up their posters on Thursday morning, either during registration (7:45-8:30 am) or the first coffee break (9:45-10:15am). Please ensure your poster is removed by the end of the Friday afternoon coffee break (3:30pm).

Please do NOT use pushpins on the freestanding poster boards and use only velcro (provided) for hanging posters on the freestanding poster boards. Just to make things confusing, push pins (also provided) should be used to hang posters only on the sound panels on the walls of the meeting room, while masking tape (also provided) can be used on the bare walls. Whew! If you’re unsure how to attach your poster, please ask someone from the organizing committee.

Speakers should have already contacted their session chair to make arrangements for projecting their presentation.

The official live tweeting hashtag is #ERES15 and we will be live blogging on the ERES web site. In the spirit of providing a supportive environment, we ask that participants only share photographs or videos of other participants or their presentations if they have obtained permission.

Since there were a lot of people who wanted to attend and couldn’t, we plan to post the talks online in the week following the meeting. If you are giving a talk, you will need to sign the media release in the registration packet and give it to your session chair or another member of the organizing committee. We will only post talks that have signed releases. If you would rather not have your talk posted online, just do not sign the release.

We will also be putting sign-up sheets for dinner excursions after each day’s sessions, lead by a Penn State participant, to some favorite dinner spots downtown. This will also keep us from overwhelming a single restaurant accidentally. You’ll be able to sign-up during the breaks.

If you have questions during the meeting, all organizing committee members have special badges to make it easy for you to get an answer.

We are looking forward to a great day of science and professional development tomorrow!

Best regards, The ERESS Organizing Committee

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